Selfie Filter Art of Tat Supreme

Im quite the fan of the thought & combination of the “selfie” , actual self portraits by artists & abstract art… when im bored sometimes i pull out what ever smart phone i have at the time & try combine all three into one. heres a few samples of what I’ve managed to produce 2554_10201403943160474_1144023371_n 13279_10206556679975674_6592491315770694357_n 16185_10205971934597405_4422447253858806371_n 21230_10206243633949719_5128259934954877868_n 58439_10200646117975318_578443794_n 69273_10203086229976593_1952487292_n 71427_10201576451873084_1372721059_n 400670_10203206650507031_902987145_n 559240_4874674184653_756190086_n 560137_4061750942080_661477579_n 601828_10201207267403703_1324563840_n 945615_10201372440452926_1026723956_n 969608_10201580851503072_1960173428_n 972174_10201669627442415_1988889214_n 994579_10201654988836459_2048802555_n 998579_10201710267618394_737775650_n 998765_10201735111919486_776060292_n 1235935_10201767336525081_159050105_n 1480718_10203489002645658_5561879738059061889_n 1622685_10203026923813976_2092263975_n


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